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Just how hard is “integrated studies” anyway?

As Co-director of PLCs in the Junior High, I have the exciting privilege (and obligation) to participate in each of the school’s PLCs: English, Math/Science, History, and Language.  Thursday was my first opportunity to observe another PLC in this capacity, … Continue reading

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“Useless” knowledge

A while ago I posted a reply to a blogger at edu180atl.  He was pondering his curious appetite for learning and how it seemed to blossom AFTER his formal education had concluded.  He astutely said the following: Why do we … Continue reading

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In need of a starting point? Look at New Tech High School.

You may notice a theme from my recent and future posts: catching up and reconnecting.  I spent the summer being a husband, handyman, sojourner, and experiential learner, but happily, I’ve let my reading, thinking, and writing lapse.  So I have … Continue reading

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A moment of thanks

I spent some time today dusting off my blog and found a draft of a post that I wrote immediately after the Center for Teaching Summer Institute’s Project-based Learning and PLC Facilitator workshops.  Sadly, I closed the lid for the … Continue reading

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Community learning

We all learn at our own pace. As adults, we choose our opportunities for learning according to the time we have free and the resources at our disposal. Maybe that’s why our students roll their eyes when we (adults) harp … Continue reading

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Connectivity vs. connectedness

A little while ago I tweeted this: It was an honest extemporaneous tweet, but I realized about a week later just how powerfully I have come to feel about this.  Recently I switched to Diigo from Delicious.  Prior to doing … Continue reading

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The school as PLC

Aside from the scuttlebutt about school cancellations for Monday’s incoming weather, Friday January 7 at Westminster started off as an ordinary day.  When @jgough sent around her email, which I have copied below, she probably didn’t expect much more than … Continue reading

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