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Should vocational education be a part of plain, old education?

I was reading an interesting New York Times article by Christina Hoff Sommers about how grading practices create a bias that affects male academic success.  Interesting stuff, but what causes me to write today is the mention of a word … Continue reading

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PBL = most people’s jobs

Pop quiz, hot shot.  Who wrote this? …my primary responsibility was to develop the project plan, maintain communication between the client and the project team, and provide intellectual leadership to the various modules making up the project. Long story short, … Continue reading

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Looking downstream

Birke Baehr identified a problem.  The food we eat destroys our bodies and the planet.  So he started talking to people.  And if this video is any indication, Birke Baehr can talk: As I turn my eye to end-of-year assessment, … Continue reading

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In need of a starting point? Look at New Tech High School.

You may notice a theme from my recent and future posts: catching up and reconnecting.  I spent the summer being a husband, handyman, sojourner, and experiential learner, but happily, I’ve let my reading, thinking, and writing lapse.  So I have … Continue reading

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