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If change is the constant…

Change is not a variable.  Change is a constant.  Whether we like it or not, circumstances of our life change on a daily basis.  Even the things that seem consistent, relationships, jobs, our homes, are on an ever-evolving spit, sometimes … Continue reading

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In need of a starting point? Look at New Tech High School.

You may notice a theme from my recent and future posts: catching up and reconnecting.  I spent the summer being a husband, handyman, sojourner, and experiential learner, but happily, I’ve let my reading, thinking, and writing lapse.  So I have … Continue reading

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A moment of thanks

I spent some time today dusting off my blog and found a draft of a post that I wrote immediately after the Center for Teaching Summer Institute’s Project-based Learning and PLC Facilitator workshops.  Sadly, I closed the lid for the … Continue reading

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