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Smart phones, dumb fingers and nimble minds

I recently read this email from a colleague: Colleagues: Here is a absurd devoted to PLCs.  For those of of yo engaged in PLC work you might find some good ideas or resources.  Supplement to all things PLC site. An … Continue reading

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My 20-minute learning

Today my classes began the so-called “20 minute experiment.” (read about it from @jgough and @boadams1).  In the experiment, my class takes a break 20 minutes into the lesson to summarize or synthesize the learning that’s going on in the … Continue reading

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The school as PLC

Aside from the scuttlebutt about school cancellations for Monday’s incoming weather, Friday January 7 at Westminster started off as an ordinary day.  When @jgough sent around her email, which I have copied below, she probably didn’t expect much more than … Continue reading

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“The world they live in”

As I read Don Tapscotts’s piece on Huffington Post (“New York Times Cover Story on “Growing Up Digital” Misses the Mark,” November 23, 2010), a loud gong sounded behind my ears, in particular after this passage: Kids who have grown … Continue reading

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Hark, the research speaketh

I just spent an hour with Megan Howard (@mmhoward) and Alicia Andreou from the Trinity School.  They shared with us the redesign of their World Language program as a student-directed, formatively assessed, pan-lingual approach to learning a language.  Teachers become … Continue reading

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