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No one’s immune from the effects of deep practice

I love this video. Thanks John Burk for sending it my way. In this tutorial the programming mavens at Google wish to introduce us to a new feature that will boost their cred as the world’s “data brokers.” This will … Continue reading

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What Disney’s recent move is telling us about education

On my ride home from work today I heard this piece on NPR.  It turns out that Walt Disney Company is attempting to re-brand Mickey Mouse to the next generation–by making him the protagonist of a video game. No news … Continue reading

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The 13-year prologue

Technically this is my 15th year in teaching. Two at UGA, two in the VA public schools, and 10 at Westminster. People react with regard when I belt out that number. Ever since I hit “10,” actually. Somehow 10+ garners … Continue reading

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Fair Warning

Ultimately, this blog is about my journey through the redesign of my teaching practice. Only in it’s nascent form, I’ve come to realize that there is a better way. Since four years of college and two years of grad school … Continue reading

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